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Handmade Jewelry by Statemode

"Ella Bridge"

A viaduct bridge between Ella and Demodara railway Stations in the highlands of Sri Lanka.

Our inspiration comes from the Colonial style arches, which awes every single visitor to this beautiful little hillside escape. With fine details of the old colonial bridge, its 9 arches have been intricately casted with all of its fine brick details. A memorable heartwarming piece of jewelry for every citizen and Nomad.

Every piece is hand designed in Hamburg and handmade in Sri Lanka by a small local business.


-925 Sterling silver

-Rhodium rose gold plating

-Rhodium Silver plating

All rings could vary in the plating colour and are produced fairly by a small local team in Sri Lanka.


All rings come in EUROPEAN sizes.

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How do I know my size:

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Note: photos are to show scale, and are not representative of color/pattern.

This ring is handmade from 925 Sterling Silver with utmost care and precision.

-please wipe with a soft cloth after every use and store it in a jewelry box.

-Do not expose to Chemicals/Perfume/ Harmful Solvents as the colour might tarnish or fade away.


35,00 €Price
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